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Zokki Subtitle Indonesia Comedy Drama 2 April 2022

Synopsis: Zokki’s kidnapping story ends with a grandfather talking about a secret with his grandson, who ends up throwing out of his mouth the milk he’s drinking, which sets the tone, at least to a point, for the rest. from movies. Another story focuses on Fujimura, a loner who decides to travel overland on his bicycle, finally arriving at a seaside town, where he is taken in by a friendly fisherman who introduces him to his crew whose connection, though, seems to be a port. a lot of violence. Makita, a nerdy, reclusive high school student, finally finds a friend opposite Ban, a somewhat eccentric classmate who is obsessed with Makita’s sister, even though such a person doesn’t really exist. In order to maintain the friendship, however, the “brothers” play together, even as Ban’s demands get a bit distorted.

The third story involves an unemployed father and his son, who end up visiting a junior high school to steal a punching bag, but end up dealing with a mannequin ghost. The final story focuses on Ito, who at the beginning of the film mocks his neighbor Fujimura for traveling on his bicycle, though his own life is at least as sad as he is, as he works alone in a video shop, writing notes on paper napkins saying “Good Morning” every night, just for someone to greet him in the morning. Finally, something changed about her napkin, and it wasn’t her doing.
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Japan
IMDB rating: 6.5/10
Director: Takumi Saitoh
Writers: Yutaka Kuramochi
Stars: Riho Yoshioka, Ryûhei Matsuda, Fuku Suzuki, Yûsaku Mori

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