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Virus 32 Indonesian Subtitle Horror 7 April 2022

Synopsis: Virus 32 A virus spreads and turns people into very angry and violent people. Iris and her daughter, Tata, were at the sports club where Iris worked as a security guard, she was walking around and left Tata alone when she saw violence happening on the street in front of the building. Iris immediately locked the building and looked at the security cameras to check on Tata’s condition. There is something different from the plot of the film Virus: 32, the first is that they are not cannibals and do not try to bite humans, although then this becomes a question mark for me, namely how is this virus transmitted. They tend to be violent until their opponents are battered. The second is that every time after committing violence they will be silent for 32 seconds as if they are recharging power to hunt and attack the next target. This is the only window of time to escape. Unfortunately there is no explanation of how the virus spreads given that they do not bite. So don’t expect too much there will be a background or explanation about the virus and its spread. And even though there is a 32 second pause, Iris’s character doesn’t seem to make the best use of time. Not only in that moment, there were several scenes where Iris wasted more time than made the best use of her time.
Interesting story. Yes, just watched it directly at the cinema.
Genre: Horror
IMDB rating: 5.5/10
Director: Gustavo Hernandez
Writers: Juma Fodde
Stars: Rasjid César, Sofía González, Daniel Hendler

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