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Usogui 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Thriller February 11, 2022 – synopsis – Usogui 2022 A brilliant gambler takes on the most ruthless con artists who dominate the country in a struggle to win control of a powerful secret organization. In the Japanese film Usogui, we meet Baku Madarame, who is called the Lie Eater. Madarame is a sharp and intelligent gambler who always manages to beat every famous gambler around him. Originally, he was a member of Club Kakerou, an illegal gambling gang. When Baku was kicked out of the Karerou club, he didn’t have a good reputation. Despite not being part of one of the top gambling dens, Baku Madarame doesn’t stop gambling. He attracted the attention of clubs and other dangerous gamblers. He is known for his skill in eating lies that opponents tell/show during matches. Therefore, many called him the Lie Eater. Usogui’s film begins with Baku Madarame challenging Imperial Leader Soichi Kiruma in a bet. Baku lost the bet because Soichi’s team cheated. The Imperial Chiefs attacked Baku, but did not kill him. Instead, he was expelled from the Kakerou Club. The narrative then turns to Baku Madarame, his gambling skills, his new friends in Tokyo and how he ends up competing with a deadly rich gambler.
Interesting story.

Director: Hideo Nakata
Writers: Toshio Sako
Stars: Kanata Hongô, Ryûsei Yokohama, Yûki Kedôin

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