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Untrapped The Story of Lil Baby 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Documentary August 26, 2022


Synopsis: Untrapped The Story of Lil Baby 2022 tells the story of rapper Lil Baby, and details his meteoric rise to becoming the most dominant name in the rap game. As a teenager, Baby—known to friends and family as Dominique Armani Jones—was one of the most famous figures on the streets of West Atlanta, before he was arrested and sent to prison. After his release in 2016, he faced a tough choice: Get back to the quick bucks on the streets, or take the chance that his untested charisma and talent could bring him success as a rapper. In 2020, his second album, My Turn, was the year’s top seller across all music genres. Today, Lil Baby is a devoted father to his two young sons and a strong voice in the fight for racial justice and police reform. Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby tells the story of an artist’s astonishing awakening.
Genre: 2022, Movie
IMDB rating: 5.5/10
Director: Karam Gill
Writers: Karam Gill
Stars: Lil Baby, Lashawn Jones, Maurice Hobson

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