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Trip 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Horror 13 May 2022

Synopsis: Trip 2022 After her daughter commits suicide, a grieving mother is visited by an unconventional therapist who offers a hallucinogenic drug that will allow fellowship with the dead. Desperate to understand his daughter’s soul, he accepts the offer and soon finds himself terrorized by his daughter’s identical experiences. This review of the film Trip 2022 is also easy to do on a low budget, and Trip was definitely filmed on a very low budget. The first presence Ally saw was a man in a plain white mask.
It looks a little scary but it’s more troubling because Samantha had drawn it in the days leading up to her death. The film’s publicity made up for the fact that Bjorgvin Arnarson (Chucky, The Seventh Day) was in it, he played another apparition, a mouthless young boy. Despite their presence, much of Trip’s first hour revolves around Ally’s grief, the agoraphobia it causes, and the effect it has on her marriage.
It’s taken quite seriously but the film’s budget doesn’t allow for much other than Ally and Jan sitting around talking about it or Ally and Michael discussing. And all of this is in one movie location, Ally and Michael’s house. This ends up getting a bit boring. Eventually Trip takes that turn, opening up the plot for some real fear as the eye-stealing demon, The Abuso, and the ghost of Samantha appear. Jan happened to know about the demon but failed to mention it to Ally before she embarked on this path. And when her daughter makes contact, it’s a surprisingly evil version that wants her mother to close her own eyes. But who really expects anything good to come from talking to the dead?
Genre: Horror
IMDB rating: N/A
Director: Neil McCay
Writers: Neil McCay
Stars: Akasha Villalobos, Major Dodge, Peggy Schott, Jill Young

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