Till We Meet Again (月老) (2022) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download

Nonton Till We Meet Again 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Drama Fantasy Romance 24 November 2021

Synopsis: Till We Meet Again 2022 A Lun (Ke Zhendong), who was killed by lightning, comes to the underworld, and all of his memories before his death return to zero. He must make a choice: be reincarnated but can turn into a slug; or take the priesthood, accumulate Yin virtues and then reincarnate as a human? Aaron decided to be a newcomer to the old moon. He is partnered with Pinky (Wang Jing), a pink girl, and comes to the world to do missions. When Aaron meets the dog Alu and leads his owner Xiaomi, he is in his previous life The memories of Xiao Mi (played by Song Yunhua) all come back. Allen hopes to help the world’s Xiaomi to find a new marriage, but every common thread tied to Xiaomi’s hands has been burned. It turns out that some things won’t change in 10,000 years… At the same time, Gui Toucheng (Ma Zhixiang), who fled from the underworld to the world, launches a bloody revenge operation to find the horse thief brother who betrayed and killed him five hundred years ago. . While Aaron is still excited about Xiao Mi’s inability to tie the red rope, Guitoucheng regards Xiao Mi as the next target to destroy…
Genre: Adventure, Cartoon
IMDB rating: 6.8/10
Director: Giddens Ko
Writers: Giddens Ko
Stars: Kai Ko, Vivian Sung, Gingle Wang

Author: Zukét

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