Through My Window (2022) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download

Through My Window 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Comedy Drama Romance February 4, 2022

Synopsis: Through My Window 2022 Raquel begins to tell the story of her life. In class, we see him refusing to read his assignments because even though he knows how to write a story, he is not brave enough to tell it. He then says that his story didn’t start in this class, it actually started in his house. His home, as he described it, was a simple residence that, through ups and downs, was eventually surrounded by a kingdom called Hidalgo’s house. The Hidalgo family were his next door neighbors, but their lifestyle was completely different from his. Hidalgos owns Alpha 3, one of the most influential companies in the country, whose headquarters is the most spectacular building in Barcelona. Alpha 3 refers to the three heirs of the empire, the brothers Hidalgo, Artemis, Ares, and Apollo. Raquel has an unhealthy obsession with Ares but never says a word to him. He knows everything he is doing and loves to gather information about him.
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
IMDB rating: 5.4/10
Director: Marçal Forés
Writers: Ariana Godoy
Stars: Clara Galle, Clara Galle, Julio Peña, Guillermo Lasheras, Natalia Azahara

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