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The Yacht 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Thriller August 5, 2022

Synopsis: The Yacht 2022 Ruby Rose stars as Bella Denton, a young woman who inherits a boat from her father. Because Bella is afraid of water, she is not very happy with her inheritance. But when he discovers the ship is actually a luxury yacht complete with a Jacuzzi, he is much more interested in the sailing ship his father left behind. Shortly after getting on a boat for a bit of rumpy-pumpy with the handsome Michael (Patrick Schwarzenegger), his good times are interrupted by a group of criminals who put his life at risk. According to Ed Meeser (Frank Grillo), the man who told Bella about her father’s death, she drowned. However, Ed was only half telling the truth. It seems that Arthur Denton, Bella’s father, died at the hands of someone else but we don’t find out who until later in the film. After meeting with Ed, his father’s best friend and business partner, he introduces him to Captain Lawson (Luis Da Silva Jr.), the man who will pilot the yacht if he decides to take him out on the water. Before he could stay on the ship, he needed to sign documents. This is about to happen the next day but former party girl Bella sneaks onto the ship the night before with Michael, a young man she picks up at a bar. They enjoy their night together and then fall asleep, little knowing that Captain Lawson and two mercenaries (Jim and Sunshine) have sneaked onto the cruise ship in the meantime after taking out the harbor security guards. Jim and Sunshine want to open the safe located inside the yacht. They thought the safe contained 80 million dollars so it was understandable that they wanted to retrieve the money as quickly as possible. As they get to work opening the safe, Lawson takes the yacht out into the water so the theft will go undetected.
Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
IMDB rating: 2.8/10
Director: Declan Whitebloom
Writers: Patrick Aison
Stars: Ruby Rose, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Frank Grillo, Luis Da Silva Jr.

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