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The Visitor 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Drama Horror Mystery Thriller October 7, 2022 – synopsis – The Visitor 2022 follows Jake (Jones), a man who, after suffering a series of tragedies with his wife Maia (McNamee), moves back to his hometown to start over after the death of his father. Edgar. Everything seems beautiful at first — the dilapidated but charming country house, the colorful locals who welcome them with open arms, and the idea of ​​starting over. Everyone quickly heads south when Jake finds a portrait in the attic of a man who looks like him. Nicknamed “the visitor” by the locals, Jake begins to see the man in portraits in antique shops and in his dreams. Some of the locals tried to warn her, but Maia wanted to stay, even as plague-like symptoms descended on the town and their priestess also interfered. comfortable with Jake. As she continues her investigation and people start dying, Maia begins to question her husband’s sanity and whether they should go home first.
Interesting story.

Director: Justin P. Lange
Writers: Simon Boyes
Stars: Finn Jones, Jessica McNamee, Victoria Harris

Author: Dimas

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