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The Redeem Team 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Documentary History Sport October 7, 2022 – synopsis – The Redeem Team 2022 is a good film. It’s every bit sweet and shallow as you’d expect from a self-mythical stroll down memory lane, but the subject matter carries some edge once in a while (I chuckle at James remembering the moment he realized “we’re gonna beat that shit out of Spain”), and the craftiness of the documentary fits the story of a team created to promote the NBA on the world stage. If Weinbach’s film didn’t feel like a feature-length commercial to its cast, it probably wouldn’t be a clear portrait of how they’ve learned to stop selling themselves to one another. And that’s really all “Team Redeem” could ever want, to the point of refusing to explicitly acknowledge the elephant in the room: Kobe Bryant’s 2020 Death. Bryant is one of the first voices we hear in the Weinbach film, which opens with the late NBA legend sitting next to LeBron James and insisting that winning Olympic gold is more important to him than any league championship. It’s one of those things that superstar athletes say whenever they’re allowed to play for their country—and one of those things that sounds pretty forced when it comes from someone with a reputation for selfishness—but “The Redeem Team” convincingly supports the sincerity behind the feelings. Bryant.
Interesting story.

Director: Jon Weinbach
Writers: N/A
Stars: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Mike Krzyzewski

Author: Dimas

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