The Queen of Kung Fu 3 (霍家拳之铁臂娇娃3) (2022) MultiSub & Indo Streaming Movie Free Download

The Queen of Kung Fu 3 Subtitle Indonesia Action Comedy July 17, 2022

Synopsis: The Queen of Kung Fu 3 Shanghai Beach beauty boss Ah Ying decides to seal the sword and go into seclusion. In order to compete for the brand name of the world’s number one martial artist, A Ying slaughtered his master when he returned to his hometown to celebrate his birthday, and his master died tragically. To avenge his master, Ah Kwan and his younger sister return to Shanghai to sweep the gang and kill the Quartet. Unexpectedly, they were framed for killing their master and their ancestors. The two sisters, caught in a stranger’s trap and gang fights, also become feuds with each other. All powers are after Ah Ying, how can he avenge his master, punish evil and promote good?
Genre: Action, Chinese, History, Romance
IMDB rating: N/A
Director: Liu Bayin / Tang Yajie
Writers: Liu Bayin / Cai Bingjie / Wang Ruoyi
Stars: Li Mengmeng / Ma Muxuan / Xie Ning / Ma Dongchen

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