The Prodigal Son (浪子降魔) (2022) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download

The Prodigal Son 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Action Drama July 7, 2022

Synopsis: The Prodigal Son 2022 Zhou Chu, a young man with supernatural powers, stubborn and rebellious, always ends up doing bad things with good intentions, and is considered a deviant by the people of Wu County. One night, in order to save the children outside the city, Zhou Chu killed the white tiger demon, but unexpectedly led the Tiger King to attack Wu County. In the battle with the Tiger King, Zhou Chu was seriously injured. And then the Tiger King cast an eda demon spell, Wu County turned to ashes. Zhou Chu, who lost his strength, became an ordinary person and received people’s kindness and attention. He also realized his previous mistakes and understood the spirit and responsibility of a hero. In the end, Zhou Chu returned with a refreshed self-awareness, put on his father’s Tianxing armor, and defeated the Tiger King.
Genre: Action, Chinese, Drama
IMDB rating: N/A
Director: Zhou Tianyu
Writers: Wang Jun / Zhou Tianyu
Stars: He Yu / Chen Guokun / Tang Ben / Yi Yang / Wu Dake

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