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The Overnight 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Horror 3 June 2022

Synopsis: The Overnight 2022 The story involves David (Zebedee Row), an architect, and Jessie (Brittany Clark), a professional blogger (Actually, she might make videos, although one wonders why she exclusively takes pictures if that’s the case), who is on his way to a romantic getaway. Stopping at an antique shop in a small town, Jessie is confronted by a creepy and handsome fan (played by Justin L. Wilson), and David is mesmerized by a creepy doll. None of this matters, except that the dummy ends up halfway, leading to a flat tire—which seems to affect their ability to drive only after they arrive at the hotel where most of the story takes place. Also, it’s interesting to note how unconvincing this relationship emerges through the highly inconsistent dialogue. At one point, David is secretly angry about Jessie’s obsession with his phone, and the next, they’re happily playing a game of “I Spy,” as if none of the simmering suspense happening here matters. That the tension matters again—like when Jessie thinks her boyfriend locks her in the bathroom—only to be dismissed immediately—when he lures her into the bathroom she’s just finished—is only the beginning of the confusing and uncertain terms of the story.
Genre: Horror
IMDB rating: 4.2/10
Director: Bobby Francavilo, Kevin Rhoades
Writers: Mel Hagopian
Stars: Zebedee Row, Rajeev Varma, Brittany Clark

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