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The Next 365 Days Subtitle Indonesia Drama Romance August 19, 2022

Synopsis: The Next 365 Days Film begins with Massimo and Laura getting married. Laura had lost her baby in an accident that occurred in the last scene of the previous film. They were both happy until Laura started to get bored of him having nothing to do while Massimo was busy with his work. Daily arguments forced his mind to serve Nacho, Massimo’s gardener. One night at a party at Massimo’s house, Laura finds Massimo having sex with his ex-girlfriend Anna. He is heartbroken and he leaves the party, where he meets Nacho. The two of them fled to an island. Meanwhile, Massimo is confused by what happened and starts looking for Laura. Laura begins to enjoy her life on the island and at the same time she fantasizes about having sex with Nacho. One day, Nacho tells Laura to meet her father and tell him that his father is Massimo’s rival mafia gang. Laura is shocked and feels betrayed, but still accompanies Nacho to her father’s place. Laura is left with a few guards and Nacho goes to see her father. Massimo quarrels with Nacho’s father and it is revealed that they have Laura with them. Suddenly, Nacho realizes that he left Laura with the wrong guards and Massimo and Nacho rush to save Laura. Meanwhile, Laura is kidnapped by Massimo’s twin brother, Adriano. It is revealed that the night Laura saw Massimo having sex with Anna, it was Adriano. Massimo enters the place and tries to save Laura. Massimo and Adriano have always been rivals, and it was all part of Adriano’s plan. Laura runs and she is shot by Anna and Massimo shoots Adriano
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Barbara Bialowas, Tomasz Mandes
Writers: Barbara Bialowas
Stars: Rebecca Casiraghi, Michele Morrone, Anna-Maria Sieklucka

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