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The Inhabitant 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Horror Thriller October 7, 2022 – synopsis – The Inhabitant 2022 story about a gruesome death spread across the area. It is said that dark spirits pass from woman to woman, inhabiting their souls to kill on her behalf. This is one of those stories.” We see a woman in an old-fashioned dress sharpening an ax by the light of a lantern, but then we cut to a digital clock. We are in the present, in Fall River. After doing the jumpscare, we cut to the next morning. The girls’ high school la crosse team mixes it up at practice. One of the players, Tara (Odessa A’zion), is bullied by the others, but gives as well as she gets. When Tara talks to her best friend Suzy (Lizze Broadway), we see that she’s smart, but has a hard time. There is tension between her parents, Emily (Leslie Bibb) and Ben (Dermot Mulroney), an unhelpful nine-year-old brother (Jackson Dean Vincent), a new baby sister who keeps crying, and a boyfriend (Michael Cooper Jr.) plans to study across the country.
Interesting story.

Director: John V. Soto
Writers: Adam Enslow
Stars: Gillian Alexy, Luke Ford, Alexandra Nell, Tom O’Sullivan

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