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The Immaculate Room 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Drama Thriller August 19, 2022


Synopsis: The Immaculate Room 2022 Mikey, a rich kid who has squandered the opportunity of a lifetime, and Kate, who has every chance of getting some normalcy out of him, are a couple looking to win $5 million. How? They only had to stay in a room, with only a bed, a bathroom, and a smoothie for food, for 50 days. The challenge is, when undisturbed by the outside world and forced to overcome the cracks in their relationship and soul, is 50 days doable? Mikey Known for his chronic boredom, which even saw him leave three colleges, Mikey is the type of artist with talent, but his drive is questionable. kate Raised by an alcoholic who lost everything, Kate has not had an easy life, and while Mikey provides a number of luxuries and access, at best, she provides a distraction, not a fix.
Genre: Action, Drama
IMDB rating: 4.3/10
Director: Mukunda Michael Dewil
Writers: Mukunda Michael Dewil
Stars: Emile Hirsch, Kate Bosworth, Ashley Greene

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