The Hidden Fox (雪山飞狐之塞北宝藏) (2022) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download

The Hidden Fox 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Action Drama July 15, 2022

Synopsis: The Hidden Fox 2022 This film is adapted from Jin Yong’s martial arts novel “Flying Fox on Snow Mountain”. Tells the story of the Eight Hates who set a trap to seize the mysterious treasure to lead the world’s number one master Miao Renfeng and treasure keeper Hu Yidao. to the decisive battle, which resulted in a tragic death; ten years later, the treasure map reappears in the rivers and lakes, and everyone gathers again to compete for the treasure. Ten years ago, in order to seize the mysterious treasure left behind by the Brave King Li Zicheng, the bad guys devised a decisive battle between the hero Miao Renfeng and treasure keeper Hu. Hu and Miao died tragically, but the treasure map disappeared. In ten years, they had never given up on the search for treasure. Finally, the treasure map reappeared, and the eight bad guys gathered together and set off for Mount Feihu..
Genre: Action, Chinese, Drama
IMDB rating: N/A
Director: Qiao Lei
Writers: Qiao Lei, Mu Zixin
Stars: Zhao Huawei / Chen Yustrontium / Lv Liangwei / Chunyu Shanshan / Chen Zihan

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