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The Haunting of the Tower of London 2022 Subtitle Indonesia History Horror 27 June 2022

Synopsis: The Haunting of the Tower of London 2022 takes a major blow to its credibility early on in its journey. It doesn’t even try to pretend it was shot in the Tower itself and we see the ruins of the same Steeds castle used in the previous film. It’s even less credible as a royal residence here than it used to be. Most of the film was shot indoors, but every time we look at this crumbling exterior, more damage is done. Same thing with the decidedly modern restoration on the castle, not as bad as Siege of Robin Hood, but still making things worse. there’s a lot to like about The Haunting of the Tower of London. The story quickly goes well when a dead woman rips out her rotting heart and eats it with a knife and fork. The princes who died returned for revenge. And Isaac had to join forces with Henry to try and bring things in order. All while Richard was planning to usurp the throne.
Genre: History, Horror
IMDB rating: 3.9/10
Director: Charlie Steeds
Writers: Charlie Steeds
Stars: Richard Rowden, Reece Connolly, Tim Cartwright

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