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The double bill based on the story by Edgar Allen Poe that Debussy planned for the Met in New York is one of the most lucrative in 20th century opera. He left only a few pages of sketches for The Devil in the Belfry, but continued to work on one other actor, The Fall of the House of Usher, almost until his death in 1918, leaving enough musical material for several composers and scholars to make completions and orchestrations. their own music.

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The British premiere of Robert Orledge’s version consisted of half of the Usher pair Welsh National Opera, preceded by the world stage premiere of Usher House, by billionaire composer/philanthropist Gordon Getty. Getty has sponsored several seasons of contemporary work at WNO, and plays the hour-long opera is the price to pay for it.
His treatment of the story is tedious and dramatically sluggish, leaving Poe himself (sung by Jason Bridges) the narrator but using too many words and setting it in an unvarying declamatory style with overly emphatic orchestral punctuation like the pastiche of Mussorgsky or Prokofiev.
There’s a bit of a sense of characterization, even in the portrayal of Roderick Usher (Benjamin Bevan) and the villainous Doctor Primus (Kevin Short), and there’s no sense at all about what the gothic tale of an ancient family is in this late setback. enough to conjure up a very different and much more involved world.
Orledge calculates that 52% of the score is his, mostly scherzo-like episodes that support one of Roderick’s descriptions of increasing dementia, and provide a contrast to the more measured revelations of many of Debussy’s authentic ones. But the effect is really smooth; as did Lawrence Foster, the 45-minute score sounds like the end of Debussy – there are echoes of the orchestral picture, especially Gigues, and even Jeux – and the prevailing atmosphere of the doom-laden house is recognizably similar to Pelléas et Mélisande.IMDB
Genre: Horror
Actors:Riker Hill, Savannah Schafer, Spencer Korcz
Directors:Brian Cunningham
Duration: 95 Min
Quality: HD
Release Date: 2022-07-12
Countries:United States

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