The EOD Squad (Pai Bao Shou / 排爆手) (2022) Multi Sub & Indo Streaming Movie Free Download

The EOD Squad 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Action Crime Drama 2021



Synopsis: The EOD Squad 2022 is a young man who loves his job at a pottery shop as well as his dashing girlfriend, Luke (Devon Graye). However, Will lives day to day with a mentally invasive ghost from a traumatic past, an incident in which his bipolar mother (Marlene Forte) attempted to strangle him to death. 18 years later, this trauma manifests with increasingly disturbing hallucinations, including the presence of a man in a wolf costume, and the eventual loss of function of his arm. As Will desperately seeks answers from the medical community, which seem to have none, he wonders if he is destined to follow in the footsteps of his doomed mother.
More than anything else, Heimann’s film really nailed down the terrifying nature of a reality-bending mental state, where people can’t trust their own senses and just wonder where this inherited ticking time bomb will take them. The filmmakers capture the paranoia of Will and his mother without resorting to cartoons or caricatures, ensuring this is a disappointing character study embellished with specks of irreverent dark humor.
Genre: Action, Chinese, Crime, Drama
IMDB rating: 4.9/10
Director: Ka-Wai Kam
Writers: N/A
Stars: Zhiguo Du, Junjia Hong, Dion Lam

The EOD Squad (Pai Bao Shou / 排爆手) (2022) Multi Sub & Indo Streaming Movie Free Download
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