The Curious Case of Tianjin (入魂:津門玄案) (2022) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download

The curious case of Tianjin 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Action Fantasy Mystery May 6, 2021

Synopsis: The curious case of Tianjin 2022 During the period of the Republic of China, the mixed situation of Jinmen Pier is revived, Caoyun and the Qinglong Gang are fighting for business. Qin Fan, a descendant of Bian Que’s magic needle, becomes a peacemaker, but accidentally “kills” two gang brothers. Qin Fan, who doesn’t remember how he escaped from prison, decides to personally find out the true cause of death of the corpse thief and his two younger brothers to prove his innocence. The huge smoke hall was filled with the entire pier. The conspiracy of foreigners to harm the country continues to harm the people. Can Qin Fan escape safely? How to stop the evil deeds of strangers?
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Mystery
IMDB rating: N/A
Director: Zhu Jiang
Writers: Zhu Na
Stars: Zhang Junming / Tan Xiaofan / Li Feiran / Lin Xuepiao / Guo Jiayi

Author: Zukét

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