Sniper. The White Raven (2022) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download

Sniper The White Raven 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Drama War 24 August 2022


Synopsis: Sniper The White Raven 2022 a war thriller from Ukraine. It is actually set in the past during the attacks on the Donbas region in 2014. Inspired by real events and created with the support of the Ukrainian government and the participation of members of the Ukrainian armed forces and the national guard. Mykola is an eccentric pacifist who wants to be useful to humanity. When war begins in Donbass, Mykola’s naive world comes crashing down when militants kill his pregnant wife and set her house on fire. Recovering, he made a major decision and enrolled in a sniper company. After meeting his wife’s killer, he is emotionally devastated and arranges “sniper terror” for the enemy. He was saved from an unreasonable death by his instructor who was seriously injured. The death of a friend leaves a “scar” and Mykola is ready to sacrifice his life. Intense story! But I think it’s exactly the kind of story Ukraine has to tell right now. Sometimes fighting back is the only way to defeat the enemy, even if you don’t like violence. Starring Aldoshyn Pavlo
Genre: Drama, War
IMDB rating: 6.7/10
Director: Marian Bushan
Writers: N/A
Stars: Maryna Koshkina, Andrey Mostrenko, Aldoshyn Pavlo

Sniper. The White Raven (2022) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download
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