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Shin Ultraman 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Sci-Fi May 13, 2022 – synopsis – Shin Ultraman 2022 Following the invasion of several giant living creatures classified as “S-Class Species”, the Japanese Government established the S-Class Species Suppression Protocol to eliminate further threats. carry on. Shortly thereafter, the SSSP overcame Neronga’s kaiju attack on Hatsukaichi, when a silver extraterrestrial giant nicknamed “Ultraman” appeared to defeat Neronga and save humanity, however, he accidentally killed SSSP member Shinji Kaminaga during his battle with the kaiju.. He later took the appearance and place of Kaminaga, leaving Kaminaga’s real body in the forest where he died. Ultraman in Kaminaga form later forms a friendship with SSSP analyst Hiroko Asami, but he is unaware of the real Kaminaga’s fate. The Kaiju Gabora appears in rural Japan, attacking a nuclear power plant. To prevent the kaiju’s radioactivity from causing harm, Ultraman kills it and flies off with its radioactive .corpse. Shortly thereafter, Zarab reveals himself, claiming the government has signed a peace contract with him, but the SSSP discovers that he is trying to conquer Earth. Zarab kidnapped Kaminaga and disguised himself as Ultraman to damage his reputation and damage his public image. Videos of these events surfaced online, revealing Kaminaga’s secret identity. Kaminaga accidentally left his “Beta Capsule” device, which allowed him to transform into Ultraman, with Asami, leading him to discover his true identity. Asami frees Kaminaga from Zarab but is captured by Zarab himself. Kaminaga transforms into Ultraman, saves Asami, reveals Zarab’s disguise, and cuts the alien in half with “Ultra Slash”.
Interesting story.

Director: Shinji Higuchi
Writers: Hideaki Anno
Stars: Takumi Saitoh, Masami Nagasawa, Hidetoshi Nishijima

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