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Senior Year 2022 Indonesian Subtitle Comedy Drama 13 May 2022

Synopsis: Senior Year 2022 After a failed birthday at local “cool” venue Rock N Bowl, 14-year-old Australian migrant Stephanie Conway decides she wants to be one of the “popular” ones. She spent the next 4 years reinventing herself, became the captain of the cheerleading team, started dating Blaine and worked hard to become one of the most popular girls of the last year. Now 17 years old, she wants to be a prom queen, stopping on her way to being like Deanna Russo. She lives with her widowed father whom she has dated and is still friends with Seth, who has a secret crush on her but is afraid to take her to prom; and the socially incompetent Martha. Stephanie and Tiffany often clash over prom preparations, feeling threatened by Stephanie who gives her the title of prom queen. This eventually leads to Tiffany convincing her fellow cheerleaders to sabotage Stephanie’s landing at the end of their cheering performance. However, the fall leaves Stephanie in a coma. 20 years later, Stephanie wakes up from her coma confused. Mr Conway and Martha, now principals at Harding High; brought Stephanie home. On the way they pass Deanna Russo’s house and Stephanie sees that Tiffany and Blaine are now living there. With reluctant support from her father and Martha, Stephanie returns to high school.
Genre: Comedy, Drama
IMDB rating: 5.6/10
Director: Alex Hardcastle
Writers: Andrew Knauer
Stars: Rebel Wilson, Angourie Rice, Mary Holland, Molly Brown

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