Sasaki in My Mind (佐々木、イン、マイマイン)(2020) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download

Nonton Sasaki in My Mind Subtitle Indonesia Drama 27 November 2020

Synopsis: Sasaki in My Mind The titular Sasaki (Hosokawa Gaku), on the other hand, is a vivid display of a class clown who wants nothing more than smiles from his friends and classmates around him, as well as attention and support from them when they occasionally cheer him on. – or perhaps, lure him out. the film begins in the present, showing how Yuji is stuck in an acting career where little seems to be happening for him, and himself clearly doesn’t know what to do with it or have the motivation to try. While his factory job gave him the money he needed to make ends meet between acting jobs, it wasn’t an ideal situation, and it didn’t help improve his troubled mood either. It’s only when a fellow actor (Murakami Nijiro), whose career finally seems to be on the right track, entices him with acting acclaim and a script for a new project he’s working on, does Yuji hint that he’s interested in anything. .
Genre: Drama, Japan
IMDB rating: 6.8/10
Director: Uchiyama Takuya
Writers: Uchiyama Takuya
Stars: Kisetsu Fujiwara, Minori Hagiwara, Gaku Hosokawa, Satoru Iguchi

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