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Rubikon 2022 Indonesian Subtitle Drama Sci-Fi 15 September 2022

Synopsis: Rubikon 2022 Hannah and Gavin aren’t really bad people, but Dimitri and Danilo still have to learn to trust them before the story of “Rubikon” can really begin. Until then, Hannah and Gavin were talking into a microcosm the size of a Rubikon stamp. They obey or ignore the questions of Dimitri and his son, many of which boil down to: whose interests are you serving and why are you really here? Some foamy, well-executed space drama ensues—an escape pod, a suicide attempt, a drunken card game and soon brings everyone together.
Until they receive a distress signal from Earth, which forces them to decide what to do about ship algae culture. No one completely trusts each other in “Rubikon” because they are all products of an environment that no longer exists, or doesn’t really matter outside of Rubikon. Hannah and her crewmates still talk a lot about what really motivates them, as well as how much they know, what it means to each other, etc. And as they speak, it becomes clear that “Rubikon” contains only what the characters need to articulate their main concerns. A handful of actors in tight spacesuits talk at or past each other and struggle with decisions that are always way above their characters’ paychecks.
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating: 4.6/10
Director: Magdalena Lauritsch
Writers: Magdalena Lauritsch
Stars: Julia Franz Richter, George Blagden, Mark Ivanir

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