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Royalteen 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Drama Romance 17 August 2022

Synopsis: Royalteen 2022 Following prince Karl Johan and newcomer Lena, who have feelings for each other but are aware that their relationship might put them in an unlikely situation, while he has to carry a country on his shoulders, he carries lies on his shoulders. Royalteen is a latent mystery surrounding the character. She has a party prince with a reputation as a threat and a simple girl with an unknown history. The film manages to piece together the pieces of the puzzle so well for viewers to slowly piece together a concrete narrative in their heads. Meanwhile, it also hides Lena’s true secret until the last quarter. Starting off with a rather sudden burst of speed, the film does very well with a budding romance between a rookie and a crown prince. It doesn’t feel rushed or forced, in part because of the very interesting chemistry between the main cast. The film slides into the second half at this well-curated pace but suddenly changes again. The second half of the film feels very rushed, but not necessarily in a bad way. The film hits the gas pedal again, bombarding the audience with revelations. As Lena’s story slowly began to come out, this film became more characterful. .
Genre: Drama, Romance
IMDB rating: N/A
Director: Per-Olav Sørensen
Writers: Randi Fuglehaug
Stars: Ines Høysæter Asserson, Veslemøy Mørkrid, Mathias Storhøi

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