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Rogue Agent 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Drama Thriller 27 July 2022

Synopsis: Rogue Agent 2022 The extraordinary and harrowing story of career con artist Robert Freegard who disguises himself as an MI5 agent and tricks people into hiding, and the woman who falls in love with him, and then takes him down. Inspired by true events (and derived from the directing duo Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson, both of whom share screenwriting credits with Michael Bronner), Rogue Agent centers on Robert Freegard (the highly manipulative James Norton) assuming multiple aliases and faking it. convince certain people that he is an MI5 agent. Agent Rogue is more concerned with Robert’s seduction of Alice, allaying his suspicions (he has friends in high places who easily conclude that he gave her a ghost name) and manipulating manipulations to use negative stories. about him as a means for his agency to ensure that his partners are loyal to him, which further means they can be trusted around his “mission details” (especially if things go wrong). Far more interesting is a young woman named Sophie (Marisa Abela), who has been under Robert’s spell for roughly nine years, performing a fake field operation that only benefits her.
Genre: Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating: 6.3/10
Director: Declan Lawn
Writers: Michael Bronner
Stars: James Norton, Matthew Douglas, Rob Malone, Marisa Abela

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