Qinling Mountains (秦岭密窟) (2022) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download

Qinling Mountains 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Adventure Mystery Fantasy 26 April 2022

Synopsis: Qinling Mountains 2022 Protagonist Qi Xiangwen is threatened by gangster Zhang Shenyan with his mother’s illness. He pretends to be a member of the Geological Bureau and tricks Professor Hu, the owner of the Laozi runes with mysterious powers, into opening the secret cave of the ancient Qinling Mountains to steal treasure. During the exploration, only Qi Xiangwen managed to return, and was taken care of by Luo Jin’s sister, Luo Xin. However, the trauma done to his head resulted in amnesia. When gangsters and giant spiders attack the village where he lives to recover, he saves the village and becomes a hero in the eyes of the villagers. When he and the search and rescue team enter the secret cave again, his memories resurface thanks to the gangsters. In a contest between good and evil, he chooses to fight the gang with a search and rescue team.
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery
IMDB rating: N/A
Director: Dai Yi Lin
Writers: N/A
Stars: Liu Wei Zhou, Julian Chen, Dai Yi Lin

Author: Zukét

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