Pure Japanese ( ピュア・ジャパニーズ) (2022) MultiSub & Indo Streaming Movie Free Download

Pure Japanese 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Action Drama January 28, 2022

Synopsis: Pure Japanese 2022 Action actor Tateishi Daisuke who struggles with loneliness after experiencing a traumatic experience due to an accident while filming. One day, he meets a high school girl Ayumi who is consistently harassed by Chinese brokers and local yakuza. He decided to protect her from them. However, after this incident, he developed a mindset to see violence as a way to gain the recognition and approval of others and thus gradually loses himself and behaves in extreme ways. It’s a familiar story: A lone stranger, devoted to ancient values ​​and a peaceful way of life, takes up arms to defend what is right. This well-worn premise, seen in many films starring Ken Takakura or Gary Cooper, gets some fresh paint and some unexpected philosophical embellishments in “Pure Japan.” Although directed by Daishi Matsunaga, this whimsical film is the brainchild of its producer and star, Dean Fujioka. The Fukushima-born multi-hyphenate started her career in Hong Kong, and there seems to be an autobiographical element to her portrayal of Daisuke Tateishi, a stuntman whose overseas experiences have made him a foreigner in his homeland.
Genre: Action, Drama, Japan
IMDB rating: N/A
Director: Matsunaga Daishi
Writers: Kobayashi Tatsuo
Stars: Dean Fujioka, Makita Aju, Watanabe Tetsu

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