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Nonton Film Prototype 2022 Indonesian Subtitle Sci-Fi 5 April 2022


Synopsis: Prototype 2022 Prototype begins when Roger Marshall (Robertson) brings one of the first prototype android One (Robinson) to his family home, where he controls his wife Shelley (Scott) and children Michael (Taplin) and Andy has a different level of relationship. with One. When Roger brought home a second android, Two (Purdy) he was designed in a different way, a way that only listened to Roger and showed a much more dangerous side around the house. Roger is an abusive father, who controls his wife, wishes his son the best in life and helps design androids to help around the house, wanting them to be his personal servants. Shelley is a mother and wife who must never leave home, have no one in her life to help or support her, living a nightmare, all the while trying to stay strong for the kids. One of them is the first android accepted in the family, operating in a friendly manner listening to everyone in the house, following the basic laws of robotics. Two is a newer model, instructed to simply follow Roger’s instructions, created to exercise his control in his absence, filled with evil traits programmed into him. The performances are strong in this film, with the emotionless ones behind the androids being the ones that stand out.
Genre: Sci-Fi
IMDB rating: N/A
Director: Jack Peter Mundy
Writers: Sam Gurney
Stars: Marshall Hawkes, Stephanie Lodge, Zoe Purdy, Ben Reid

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