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Project Legion 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Horror Sci-Fi Thriller October 11, 2022 – synopsis – Project Legion 2022 Three mercenaries walk through the dark when a voiceover tells us that a secret society has hired them to control Europe’s most haunted area so it can be researched. We hear about haunting and experimental drugs that are supposed to keep them safe. They are not safe and only Greg (Donald Cerrone, Terror on the Prairie, The Commando) survives. Back home, he stops by his favorite bar for drinks with Cindy (Brande Roderick, Hood of Horror, One Month Out) and Mills (Chris Maher, Blowback, Make A Deal). After an inevitable bar fight, her neighbor Karen (Kelly Lynn Reiter, Maneater, Amityville Uprising) gives her some black pills, “Doctor’s Order”. The next morning he wakes to find all hell gone, literally. The city is under attack and demons try to break into Greg’s apartment.
Interesting story.

Director: Lance Kawas
Writers: Lance Kawas
Stars: Brande Roderick, Donald Cerrone, Kelly Lynn Reiter, Chris Maher

Author: Dimas

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