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Nonton Polar Bear 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Documentary 22 April 2022

Synopsis: Polar Bear 2022 is home to an ever-changing polar bear. The film’s unnamed protagonist admits that. He calls it an ice bear, and ice is hardly constant, even in the Arctic Circle—frozen and thaws and froze again. But to him, the ice is home. As a small child, he and his little family—his mother and brother—spent their happiest time near the edge of the ice. There, in the spring, seals will emerge, slender and slow (at least while they are basking on the ice). There, he and his relatives will be relatively safe from their greatest threat: the male polar bear, who often sees his cubs as food, not family. At the edge where ice and water meet, the ice is too thin to support the weight of an adult male, but will hold a mother bear and cubs well. Back then, in his childhood, ice meant safety, security, family—the true definition of home. And now that he’s grown up with his own child, the ice is still there. When he can find it. The springs are now shorter. Ice melts faster. She and her cubs had to swim longer and farther in search of food. Home, or what he always thought was home, disappeared quickly. A polar bear’s life is always in danger: But his mother taught him how to deal with the traditional threat. Now, he faces a different kind of danger, and all of his mother’s lessons don’t seem to be of much use. No, he had to teach his son some new techniques for dealing with today’s dangers—even as he learned them himself.
IMDB rating: 7.8/10
Director: Alastair Fothergill, Jeff Wilson
Writers: David Fowler
Stars: Catherine Keener

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