Pee Nak 3 (2022) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download

Pee Nak 3 Indonesian Subtitle Comedy Horror March 16, 2022


Synopsis: Pee Nak 3, a young gravedigger at the Thamma Nakanimitr Temple, finds an ancient gold anklet from a tomb from the World War II period. He decides to pocket the anklet and falls prey to a curse that turns his skin into snake scales. The powerful curse torments him with pain and fever, and also awakens the ghost of Nak Kam, the novice monk who was the first victim of the curse and who now wants his anklet back. Aod and his friends – No budding monks, Balloon and First (a rowdy gay friend), Toh Min Jun (a K-pop fan) and BamBam (a Korean YouTuber travel blogger) – set off for the Northeastern region of Thailand and the Mekong River to find a monastery. the legendary forest to find the cure for the curse. They must race against time before Aod dies, while the ghost of Nak Kam follows them with all his heart.
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Thai
IMDB rating: 6.5/10
Director: Barbara Ott
Writers: Stefanie Ren
Stars: Caro Cult, Nina Gummich, Steven Sowah, Louis Nitsche

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