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Our Father 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Documentary Crime 11 May 2021

Synopsis: Our Father 2022 documents the story of Dr. Donald Klein and how one woman started her downfall. Jacoba Ballard suspected she was adopted when her mother told her she was the result of infertility treatment and a donor sample. Jacoba then did an independent online DNA test to see if she had any siblings. His mother and doctors told Jacoba that one donor would only be used three times. So, in theory, Jacoba could only have three siblings (except for twin pregnancies or more, etc). Then why did ten come back? When Jacoba finds a half-brother named BLANK. He raped me fifteen times and didn’t even know it,” one of the Dr. Klein alerted the camera. The very good doctor inseminated her that she was often pregnant with her child, Matt. The man will walk down the aisle at his fertility clinic, which is the only one in the country that specializes in male donor insemination. When he entered the specimen room, he was supposed to take a donation from a medical student or his biological father. What he did was something far more sinister, arrogant, disgusting, and equally confusing.
Genre: Crime
IMDB rating: 6.7/10
Director: Lucie Jourdan
Writers: N/A
Stars: Donald Cline, Jacoba Ballard, Keith Boyle

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