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OM The Battle Within 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Action Thriller July 1, 2022

Synopsis: OM The Battle Within 2022 A ship attack is coordinated by Murthy (incharge special unit) and Jai Rathore with the permission of PM Vandana. His mission is to extract Kavach (advanced nuclear disarmament technology), which Om Rathore’s commandos allow. However, there is a power cut at the coordination center and Om gets shot in the head. It is revealed that Om is Jai’s son 3 months later, Kavya Sharma takes care of Om who is in a coma. When Om wakes up from childhood trauma, Rohit (Om and Kavya’s partner) accidentally informs Murthy and Vandana with Jai. Om’s place is attacked, but he is saved by Kavya. Om urges Kavya to take to the marker “Kasauli 11km”, a hint of her childhood trauma. It is revealed that Om’s father (not Jai) told Om (aka Rishi) to run away when the house caught fire and two men took Om’s father. Om’s father happens to be Dev Rathore, Jai’s brother. The doctor reveals that Jai only remembers the house being burned by the bullet in his head. Murthy also realizes that Dec is Om’s father.
Interesting story. Yes, just watched it live at the cinema.
Genre: Action, Hindi, Thriller
IMDB rating: 2.7/10
Director: Kapil Verma
Writers: Niket Pandey, Raj Saluja
Stars: Vicky Arora, Lovely Bhati, Shivam Gaur

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