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Naomi (TV Series 2022– ) - IMDb

In Port Oswego, Oregon, Superman fan site host Naomi McDuffie gets a text from her best friend Annabelle informing her something related to Superman is happening. Naomi passes out on her way to see the event. When she comes to, she learns she missed an apparent battle between Superman and a blue-skinned villain. After reviewing security footage, she sees Superman and also seems to recognize Dee, a tattoo artist. When confronted by Naomi and Annabelle, Dee confesses to staging the event for publicity. At a debate, Naomi passes out again and is told she had a panic attack. She notices a military man with a note regarding a “SUPERMAN ROCKET” in the woods. Naomi goes and finds a disc with alien writing on it before being confronted by Zumbado, a local car dealership owner, who tells her they are both “different”. Leaves begin to swirl around Naomi and she runs away, leaving the disc behind. Later, she and her friends break into Zumbado’s dealership and find a newspaper describing a UFO sighting on March 14, 2004, the same day Naomi was adopted. Naomi confronts Dee, who he reveals himself to be a Thanagarian.

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