My True Friends The Begining (2022) MultiSub & Indo Streaming Movie Free Download

My True Friends The Begining 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Action Drama April 13, 2022

Synopsis: My True Friends The Begining 2022 is a film based on a true story based on the true story of Chiang Mai’s teenage gang in the 80s, where the aura, the taste of the 80s, the dizzying way of life of college students, eat, live, travel, play, learn, love, stop arguing until the legendary story. It’s hard to forget each other much later. The images of the past in memory will return to everyone who has gone through that time. absorbed again And it will be a new perspective for today’s youth to see how previous generations were. There are examples, good and bad, full of flavor. Of course the conclusion that children should choose to bring back good examples, and most importantly, “16 HAO 19 HOT MY TRUE FRIENDS : THE BEGINNING” is the beginning of the chapter. male friendship Before becoming a legend “You and I are friends until the day we die”
Genre: Action, Drama, Thai
IMDB rating: N/A
Director: Adsajun Sattagovit
Writers: N/A
Stars: Ryu Vachirawich Watthanaphakdeephaisan, Nack Charlie Trairat, Miya Pitcha Thongchua

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