Moonlight Butterfly (2022) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download

Moonlight Butterfly 2022 Indonesian Subtitle Drama March 18, 2022

Synopsis: Moonlight Butterfly 2022 story of a young woman who supports her family by selling her meat is an old piece that is overused. This one goes with the tear-jerking melodramatic that this trope carries over the years. When you see Flora’s pale eyes and Roy’s mischievous face, you know where their story is headed. Janet Eunice Alitagtag (Christine Bermas) is a bright young woman forced to work as a GRO in a rundown bar in Angeles City. She is the sole breadwinner of her family, supporting her mother Flora’s (Tanya Gomez) dialysis sessions, her brother Dario’s (Jolo Estrada) nursing education, and her boyfriend Roy’s (Albie Casino) criminology studies. While walking the streets after a slow night at the club, she is picked up by a handsome American Joseph Elliot (Kit Thompson) who sweeps her off her feet. However, when Elliot is assigned abroad on a mission in Iraq, Eunice must receive an advance from Habib’s Arab lover (Ivan Carapiet) to cover her family’s expenses.
Genre: Drama
IMDB rating: N/A
Director: Joel Lamangan
Writers: N/A
Stars: Christine Bermas, Ivan Carapiet, Quinn Carrillo

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