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Mid Century 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Horror Thriller June 14, 2022

Synopsis: Mid Century 2022 A husband and wife weekend at a mid-century modern vacation rental takes a deadly turn when the husband discovers the owner is a psychopath with a hidden backyard of secrets buried and designs on his wife. Tom Levin and Alice Dodgson (played by Shane West and Chelsea Gilligan respectively) are struggling in their marriage. They had decided to stay inside the rest house to keep things running smoothly. The pair have different goals; Tom wants to start a family, while Alice intends to continue her medical career and further promotions, which will be cut short by having children. Meanwhile, as an architect, Tom is also fascinated by the history of the house they live in, especially after realizing that it is the actual home of respected architect Frederick Banner (the sinister Stephen Lang appears in both early flashbacks to the 1950s and now. day).
Genre: Horror, Thriller
IMDB rating: 3.5/10
Director: Sonja O’Hara
Writers: Mike Stern
Stars: Bruce Dern, Shane West, Stephen Lang

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