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Me Time 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Comedy August 26, 2022


Synopsis: Me Time 2022 Maya is an accomplished architect. Sonny doesn’t want Maya to lose the opportunity to make her dream come true. He took a radical decision, namely choosing to be a housewife. However, after years of being a stay-at-home dad, Sonny has never enjoyed Me Time. He is always busy taking care of his two children, Dash (Che Tafari) and Ava. One night, Maya takes Sonny to meet his client, Armando (Luis Gerardo Méndez). Whether it’s low self-esteem or jealousy, when he gets home, Sonny argues with Maya. Maya decided to take her two children on vacation to her grandparents’ house. Meanwhile, Sonny was asked for Me Time. Stuck in the daily routine, Sonny is confused about what he should do. Parents at their child’s school canceled their weekend plans. When spending time alone, Sonny actually felt bored. Suddenly, she thinks about contacting her old friend, Huck (Mark Wahlberg). He also came to celebrate his friend’s birthday party.
Genre: Comedy
IMDB rating: 5.1/10
Director: John Hamburg
Writers: John Hamburg
Stars: Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, Regina Hall, Che Tafari

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