Machine Gun Kellys Life in Pink (2022) Multilingual & Sub Indo Streaming Movie Download

Machine Gun Kellys Life in Pink 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Documentary Music 2022

Synopsis: Machine Gun Kellys Life in Pink 2022 is an in-depth look at the dramatic ups and downs of an artist who pursues music’s top spot while tackling the noise of the outside world, fame, fatherhood, and more. From making his best-selling album, Billboard No. 1 “Ticket to My Downfall,” to the studio album No. 1 of his newest, “Mainstream Sellout,” it’s all-access access, beyond the headlines, into the chaotic world of Machine Gun Kelly. Beyond his quest for professional legitimacy, it is MGK’s personal journey with his emotional and mental frailties that fills most of Life in Pink. He details the harrowing phone call Fox made with the gun barrel in his mouth, his attempts to “kick drugs for real this time,” and how his workaholic tendencies came about with the push to make Mainstream Sellout his second in a row. number one. When that moment finally happened, and when her manager called her to break the news, Kelly was still sad, because her perfectionism had stripped her of the people she cared about the most.
Genre: Music
IMDB rating: 6.2/10
Director: Sam Cahill
Writers: Machine Gun Kelly
Stars: Machine Gun Kelly

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