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Nonton Love All Play 2022 Subtitle Indonesia

Synopsis: Korean drama Love All Play is a sports romance drama depicting the passion and affection for badminton of the male and female protagonists of a mixed doubles group with players from the badminton business team. Park Tae Joon who naturally plunged into the world of badminton because of his parents’ badminton equipment business. Although he started to see the sport as a job, his passion for badminton was revived due to the desire to impress a woman. Park Tae Yang is a former Olympic aspiring athlete who had to leave badminton for three years because of a bribery scandal.

Drakor Love All Play 2022 began airing on the KBS2 tv station, April 20, 2022 for 16 episodes.

Park Ju-Hyun as Park Tae-Yang
Chae Jong-Hyeop as Park Tae-Joon
Park Ji-Hyun as Park Joon-Young
Kim Mu-Jun as Yook Jung-Hwan
Seo Ji-Hye as Lee Yoo-Min
Jo Han-Chul as Lee Tae-Sang
Genre: Drama, Korean, Romance
IMDB rating: N/A

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