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Kerosene 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Action Crime Drama Thriller 17 June 2022 – synopsis – Kerosene 2022 A series of murders that occurred in a remote area of AP Janagudem made people afraid. To investigate this, ACP Vaibhav took over. He takes the rape and murder of this woman very seriously. Meanwhile Gauri (Lavanya Chewula), the daughter of Ramappa (Sammeta Gandhi) lives in the same village and is raped. Knowing the matter, ACP Vaibhav (Dhruva) identifies the criminal behind it. What are the challenges facing Dhruba? How did he investigate this case? What kind of punishment was given to the killers was at the heart of the matter.
Interesting story.

Director: Dhruva
Writers: Dhruva
Stars: Dhruva, Brahmaji, Preetei Sundar, Madhusudhan Rao

Author: Dimas

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