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When Toby loses his job and starts a nonprofit organization to rehabilitate abused rescue dogs at a local prison, he devises a plan to free his lover from prison by smuggling him into one of the dog crates, sparking a federal manhunt. The film begins with Catherine Bell, as Toby here, in a high-speed car chase with a man named John. They try to outrun the police. The chase stops, and a voiceover plays; Toby will tell the story of how he got here.

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Cut to Toby and John talking directly into the camera, saying they are in love. Next, we see Toby in a stale and hollow marriage whose father is dying of cancer. Toby struggles to find joy in his life and focus on doing SOMETHING with his life. So, he started taking stray dogs and training them as rescue dogs for the god’s prison program. (His pitch to the warden included a pun on “Paw-sitive impact.”) Obviously, Toby wasn’t qualified to run a program like this with just his friend, Deb.
In the prison yard, Toby is approached by John aka Hooligan. He received treatment walking slowly, which is completely unwarranted. (I think it was from Toby’s POV, who immediately liked him.) John turned out to be one of the best dog trainers. Prisoners bond with dogs, and the program continues to evolve. John casually teased Toby.
He even came to his rescue when an inmate got angry and nearly hit Toby. The prison didn’t have enough money to supply Toby with guards, so John became its unofficial protector. Toby’s program was going so well that he was given a free unsupervised hospital administration. He spent time in John’s cell and looked at the pictures on the walls. He tells the story. John was in prison for murder and was sentenced to life in prison when he was 17 years old. IMDB
Genre: Drama, Thriller, TV Movie
Actors: Ash Lee, Catherine Bell, Dean Mckenzie, Elinet Louicius, Kayln Miles, Roman Podhora, Tom Stevens
Directors:Katie Boland
Duration: 85 Min
Quality: HD
Release Date: 2022-07-02

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