Golden Escape (黄金大逃狱) (2022) MultiSub & Indo Streaming Movie Free Download

Golden Escape 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Thriller August 5, 2022

Synopsis: Golden Escape 2022 It tells the story of Zhong Zheng (played by Zhang Jiansheng), a hereditary screenwriter who ventures into Chilangwan Prison alone to find his ancestral treasure. In prison, on the one hand, he is oppressed by the prison tyrant Da Biao (played by Chen Baoyuan), and on the other hand, he is protected by the crab brother (played by Lv Liangwei), who is very compassionate and righteous. The treasure plan accidentally leaks, causing the relationship between the three to become confused. After a few games, they decide to embark on a “prison escape” and work together to transport the treasure out of the prison. Brotherhood or strife caused by enormous wealth?
Genre: Chinese, Thriller
IMDB rating: N/A
Director: Huang Yi Yi Huang
Writers: Huang Yi / Huang Yi / Huang Siyuan / Qiu Junyang
Stars: Zhang Jiansheng / Lu Liangwei / Chen Baoyuan / Tang Zhenye / Li Cansen

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