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Nonton Film Frank and Penelope (2022)

If you’ve also seen nineties classics, you’ll know – no. And so is the path they walked in Frank & Penelope, an action-horror exploit and travel romance from director Sean Patrick Flanery. Flanery’s debut feature, Frank and Penelope, stars Kevin Dillon from Entourage alongside a cast of mostly new faces including Billy. Budinich (Frank), Caylee Cowan (Penelope) and Sydney Scotia (Molly).
The story begins with Frank, newly heartbroken and ending loose after catching his wife cheating on him, stumbling into the skeezy sex club where Penelope is performing. The beautiful young stripper immediately steals Frank’s heart – and his credit card – before the sting goes off the rails and he finds himself riding a shotgun on the run with a handsome stranger.

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With a seventies aesthetic and plot points borrowed from old school slashers, Frank and Penelope is an eclectic mix of influences and genres. Above all, it pays homage to classic street movies. But with gimmicky dialogue and a string of unexplained bad decisions (why stay in the creepy ghost town the County Sherriff just warned them about?) the duo is crazier and dumber than Bonnie and Clyde.
After speeding past the city limits and onto a wide open highway surrounded by the Texas desert, Frank and Penelope relaxed and started talking; just like you would on a long car ride with hours to kill. Conversation doesn’t really sparkle (for two conventionally attractive people without a lot of clothes on,
Frank and Penelope have a serious lack of chemistry) which makes Penelope’s sudden attraction to Frank during the next few scenes hard to swallow. That’s not helped by a certain bad writing which sees Penelope express her supposedly sincere feelings for Frank in the same and exaggerated terms she just used to seduce and rob him. IMDB
Genre:Crime, Horror, Thriller
Actors: Billy Budinich, Caylee Cowan, Charley Koontz, Cherilyn Wilson, Donna D’Errico, Johnathon Schaech, Kevin Dillon, Lin Shaye, Sean Patrick Flanery, Sydney Scotia
Directors:Jason Matthews, Peter J. Calvin, Sean Patrick Flanery
Duration: Min
Quality: HD
Release Date: 2022-06-03
Countries:United States

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