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Doll House 2022 Indonesian Subtitle Drama October 7, 2022 – synopsis – Doll House 2022 This story follows a man who has seen his life fall apart from his addiction. He wants to make up for the mistakes and regrets in his life by meeting his daughter. This catches up with him after he gets to know his daughter and he has to face his future head-on. The story here seems to tug at the heartstrings, showing the remorse that people have. Problems that people have to overcome in order to correct the mistakes they have made. The pure side of the story is here, although some ideas appear dangerous. The way Rustin approaches this will see him face criminal charges. The idea that an addict can find a place to find moments of purity in his life, that can help him, is the most important thing. Rustin is a musician who has let his addiction take over him. He saw a close friend die and decided he needed to clean up his act. Rustin wants to make amends for leaving his pregnant wife. He befriended the family to approach his daughter without giving out her identity. This was the bright spot he was looking for in life.
Interesting story.

Director: Marla Ancheta
Writers: Rona Lean Sales
Stars: Baron Geisler, Althea Ruedas, Mary Joy Apostol

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