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Doblemente Embarazada 2 Subtitle Indonesia Comedy 2022

Synopsis: Doblemente Embarazada 2 Ten years after the disaster many things have changed, and Javier (Gustavo Egelhaaf) and Felipe (Matías Novoa), parents of Sol (Valery Sais) and Luna (Paola Real), feel that their daughter needs a mother figure. , and so They traveled to Acapulco with their girlfriends to decide which of the two was best for the position. With very different personalities and styles, Antonia (Carmen Aub) and Camila (Michelle Renaud) soon realize what is at stake and will do anything to win the girls’ affection and prove to their parents that they are perfect for the job. Another disastrous adventure packed with fireworks, jet skis, and dance competitions is building in Double Pregnancy 2.
Genre: Comedy
IMDB rating: 4.7/10
Director: Koko Stambuk
Writers: Diego Ayala
Stars: Gustavo Egelhaaf, Matías Novoa, Michelle Renaud

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