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Dig 2022 Subtitle Indonesia Thriller 23 September 2022 Film Bioskopkeren – synopsis – Dig 2022 A widowed father and his daughter, whose house is about to be demolished, are held hostage by a dangerous couple who will not stop until they take what lies beneath the property.
Dig 2022 film review contains the acting debut of Thomas Jane’s daughter, Harlow Jane, but they also play father and son in this puzzling misfire.
Too bad this is their first collaboration, which got off to a bad start with Scott Brennan (Thomas Jane) losing his cool with his petrified wife (Ashleigh Domangue) while storming into a high school party playing the role of a tough guy, trying to keep his 16-year-old daughter away. , Jane (Harlow Jane) from a sensitive boyfriend. Moments later, an ill-fated interaction occurs at a gas station where Scott loses his temper again, this time because a stranger cuts him off. This situation leads to the grisly shooting of his wife, after painting this father as an unwelcome madman whose rage causes irreparable damage to the family.
One year later, Jane no longer speaks and has severe hearing problems, forced to communicate via sign language. Naturally, he holds a grudge against his father, who struggles to connect with him and doesn’t try hard to learn new ways of communicating. Nevertheless, some work came Scott’s way; demolition work in an isolated house. He also brought his daughter with him in hopes of reconnecting during work.
Interesting story.

Director: Gireesaaya
Writers: Gireesaaya
Stars: Mohammad Ali, Naveen Chandra, Shobhita Rana

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